About Me

Hello! I am a long time writer for employment and business magazines.  I’ve been a Speaker, Seminar Leader, Consultant,  Training and Development Specialist, and recently semi retired. I went through a year of throat cancer treatments, radiation, chemotherapy, and ton of cat scans. I think I glow in the dark, but am now cancer free, thankfully, but they got my voice about cut in half. So, no more seminars and speaking engagements. Have long wanted to be a fiction writer, and after throwing my first three books away (truly bad, but learning exercises) I have three that I believe in, and my book club has backed me up.  You can see samples of my work at gsiservices.com. The link will take you there for the three or four chapters of each book. Have fun, and, please, leave feedback. It all helps!

My daughter Karina Cooper, is a debut author with three books under contract. Her blogs are far more fun to read than mine. Check her out! GWT

3 Responses to “About Me”
  1. Interesting weekend. Like most writers, we want to… well, write, right? So, my better half mentions the toilet, one of three, runs every so often. Hell, don’t we all? No, no, she means, it semi flushes itself. Okay, I don’t want to waste water, and fixing a flapper valve won’t get in the way of writing, will it? Of course not. So, off to Home Depot, where, of course, I cannot write, but I find just the little flapper thingamajig, and in mere moments, back home, the thing is fixed. Now, keep in mind, at my age, I don’t hear so well, and my lovely bride, who is only a few years my junior, hears only what she wants. Yes, you guessed. The toilet is still doing it… Running. I can’t hear it unless I am in the same room. So, second trip to HD. Same results. Now, I have cleaned the assembly, put in the new flapper and voila! The toilet, smugly, still runs. Okay, I am not stupid. I call the plumber. Charges me $80 to tell me the tank has a leak, and the toilet must be replaced. For around $425. Now, I am a whiz at math, and I figure a toilet ought to be, what, $200? I can do it myself and save a hundred bucks! Long and short of it? Saved a whopping $35 and nearly pulled every muscle I have, trying to wrestle the heavy thing in, the old one out, and so on… Moral of the story? The older you get, the wiser you SHOULD be… At least the damn thing stopped running…. LOL

  2. Marilyn Silverman says:

    I’m interested in promoting your book on a web-based radio show I co-host.

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